Monday, February 7, 2011

Is that 2 lines??

So, Calvin and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months now.  But for one reason or another, we just weren't able to achieve success. I believe that I just got burned out on tracking and targeting my Ovulation days only to see my unwanted monthly visitor at the end of the month.  In the past 6 months, I had probably gone through about 20 negative pregnancy tests.  : (  Bummer.   So - we discussed the situation, and decided that we were going to take a break from TTC for a little while. Without the stresses of concieving looming over my head, I started to focus my efforts on other things.  Calvin and I started to discuss the possibilities of traveling to Hawaii, Ireland, London, and Verona over the next 2 years.  We also talked about locations that we would possibly like to move away to.  We have our eyes set on Savannah, Ga. (keep your fingers crossed) 

     So, one night after our small group bible study, some friends of ours asked about our TTC journey.  We briefly told them we hadn't been all that successful with it - and that we may be taking a break because we didn't want to have a winter baby.  My goal was always to have a nice sunshine summer baby.  : )  Our friends reminded us that with things like conception, you can't always plan it or have things your way.  After all, it's God thats in charge. (now why didn't i think of it that way?)  So, their advice to us was to let go, and let God...and keep on practicing.  Jokingly, we told them we would go home and get to practicing right away!  Keeping in tone with our light-hearted mood, we practiced that very night.

    The rest of the month went on and I kept myself occupied with planning parties for Calvin's birthday.  He had a total of 3 celebrations!! He had a joint birthday party with a friend, a birthday luncheon, and then a surprise party to top the weekend off.  I was exhausted after all that planning & work.  (Note-to-self: 1 party is Enough!)  After finally being able to relax after all the celebrations, I almost forgot about my monthly visitor.  Well, I didn't get a visit - so i started to wonder had my monthly visitor forgotten about ME?

     Trying to keep my cool, I tell Calvin that we need to go to Target on our lunch break to get a pregnancy test - just so 'he' can have a peace of mind.  Clearly, Calvin was clueless that it was even that time of the month.  We go to Target and buy the test.  I run in the public restroom and quickly get to work.  My thoughts were, "Oh, I am SO tired of wasting money on these tests.  They are ALWAYS negative.  I don't even think these things are programmed to show a positive result...Wait, Wait - is that 2 lines?  OMG, that is really 2 lines. So that means I'm pregnant! Oh wow.  I'm really pregnant." 

     I quickly run out of the restroom to go tell Calvin, after i pull up my britches, of course.  I tell him that I am pregnant.  He tells me to quit playing.  I try to tell him again.. I'm really pregnant.  I show him the test.  He stares at the test in a state of shock and asks, "We're pregnant?" He has this wide kool-aid smile across his face and is just about to jump for joy, but then he asks, "Wait, how do you feel about this?"  I tell him that I am overjoyed and he breathes a sigh of relief and we quickly embrace and jump for joy together.  That was one of my most memorable lunch breaks!   It's truly amazing what happens when you let go, and LET GOD.

This is a pic that we snapped when we found out the results.  We will save this picture and show our little one how happy we both were when we found out about him/her.